What Are Responsive Websites?

A responsive website is a fluid and flexible layout that automatically detects what sort of device a reader is using (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop), and resizes your website for optimal viewing. Text changes to the perfect size for their screen as do the rest of the website’s elements.

Mobile users now make up the majority of web traffic making responsive design a requirement to keep those readers coming back.

Do You Know If Your Website Is Responsive?

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Benefits of Responsive Websites

optimized experience

Never worry that readers will leave your website out of frustration. Your content will automatically detect their device and resize to fit it.

increased visibility

The Google algorithm favors websites that are responsive. This means your website will rank higher in search results and will reach more potential readers.

friendly consistency

A consistent user-friendly experience will help turn viewers into newsletter leads, sales, and then hopefully into lifelong superfans.

more interaction

When readers can easily find your contact or your social media profiles, then chances of hearing from them greatly increase.

increased sales

Clear, concise, and no-fuss websites make it simple for readers to find purchase links to your books.

lead generation

Have an opt-in to get readers signed up to your newsletter? Making sure it’s visible to all users increases chances of growing your audience.

Make Your Site Responsive For $99

Without the benefit of a competent content management system like WordPress, responsive websites are time-consuming to create. However, not having one could turn away hundreds of potential new readers! It’s frustrating for readers to navigate a website that’s teeny tiny on their mobile or tablet screen. All the pinch-stretching and zooming can drive readers away.

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Important Note: You will be required to migrate your hosting to Author Crafted for us to be able to make your website responsive.


Romance author Nan Dixon graciously allowed us to use her website as an example.


Before we responsively transformed Nan’s website, the double column layout made the text impossible to read on a mobile device without having to zoom in and scroll around.

Images were too small on the screen and required visitors to pinch-stretch them out to read them. The navigation was small and hard to, well, navigate. It was a mess.


Now the site fills up the screen properly, text is easy to read, images can be viewed without having to zoom in, and the navigation is a dream! Readers can now have a wonderfully user-friendly experience, and Nan can sell more books.

And all of this was possible with a simple responsive layout.